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Entrepreneurs: Are You Wearing Your Marketing Hat Well?

Entrepreneurs wears many hats

As small business owners, we all wear many hats, depending on the nature of your business, in general we all should at least have a wardrobe of a sales hat, customer service, accounting, marketing and others. One of the most important two for any business is the sales and marketing hats. This is especially true during a startup, at the early stages of the business and through out the life of the business. If marketing is not bringing in new leads, if no sales is made, the business cannot survive.

Until your business generates enough to sustain more employees, you will not only required to wear many hats but it is vital to wear each of them well. In this particular article I will only talk about the marketing hat in the digital realm. Most businesses rely highly on marketing in different forms in order to produce enough sales. How much marketing depends on how much sales you really want. If you are in a niche market, you might be lucky to do less just to get by but if you are in a very competitive industry, not only you will need to spend a bigger percentage of your budget on marketing, you will need to be very careful and smart about how that money is being spent.

If marketing is about reaching your audience and making an impression, how are you doing it? When someone search a product or service on Google search engine, how are you managing it to stay on the top pages? Or are you still struggling with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Perhaps you are spending too much on pay per click ads? Should I spend more on organic search? How do I get those authority backlinks? What about the social media? Should I do a few videos? Yes, these are only some of the questions you should be asking yourselves often. If not, then you will either have to learn it all or at least learn to find out what is needed to accomplish in order to achieve your mini goals. Hiring freelancers to do these jobs is a great option for any entrepreneurs at the beginning, but you must learn the fundamentals in order to know how to assign these jobs out and most importantly, not to get burned.

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