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Congratulations! You are on the right track! Like many of you, I have come a long way spending countless nights, figuring out why I am not getting new sales, spending a lot of money on Facebook and Google ads every month, and still not getting results. Most of us were just spending our hard earn money to buy a spot on the internet to show our ads with texts and pictures. The worse scenario is when we spend money to get a spot to show your potential customer a low-quality video, a video that has no purpose, or a video that lacks motivation for the call to action. The truth is, you only get one chance to make a good impression and if you don't give it your absolute best, your competitor will. 

Video can improve SEO! When your video is able to drive traffic to your website, your site will rank higher in search engines. Traffic and click-through rates are one of the major Google ranking factors! 

Video can provide a much better understanding of your product and services. Video is by far the best medium to paint a concise and clear picture to what you have to say. 

Videos are much more sharable on social media (of course we are talking about great videos). Who really wants to share a crappy video. And why would you!?

Video can touch hearts in a very short time. From statistics, people can get hyped on a well-planned video in minutes or even seconds! There is no better way to reel buyers in than with a sentiment moment on a well-designed video. 

Some of our work
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Cooking Competition

Cooking Competition

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Bespoke Commercial

Bespoke Commercial

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UVOne Commercial

UVOne Commercial

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Cinematic Real Estate

Cinematic Real Estate

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Our passion is to build a user journey that creates a continuous flow of relevant moments for any business. Every business has a story to tell, every audience has a soft spot, it is not what you tell but how you tell it. We help you tailor your own digital content not only to touch your audience but to build a lasting relationship.


Based on your goal we study and research your market and create a custom campaign that work within your



It's not what you tell in a story but how you tell it. We want to understand what/where/when/why behind your company and help you portrait a story that uniquely yours.  


We work on all levels of projects from social videos for web, commercials, documentaries, tutorials , corporate and custom videos.


Reaching your target audience is just as important if not more. Our job is not done until your films, commercials, videos are being distributed to your target audience through all available media



“Mezmer Media provided us with an effortless solution for all our marketing needs."

Frances Kwong, LLB / FK Law Chambers

“I think videos help capture the personality and passion of a company in a huge way. It connects people with each other in a most effective way other than in person."

Matt Weisfeld / President VPI Industries

"I was amazed at the results, we had more than 20 dealers and distributors around the globe to sign up in less than a month! I think we would have only been able to achieve the same results in months without the video campaigns."

Richard H.Mak / CEO, AnalogMagik

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