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Live Stream Your Events

During the Covid restrictions, live stream not only provide the safety measure needed but it is the only way to continue building an ongoing relationship with your customers. Live stream itself is inherently about community. It makes your customers feel both inclusive and exclusive. It also allows any businesses the opportunity to interconnect and promote their product and services. 

Full HD 

Your live stream can stream in high definition 1080p. We use broadcast standard equipments with multi camera angles to capture your events whether it is a  seminar, concert, birthday party, wedding, funeral or any custom programs. It can be streamed live to any where across the world. Your creativity has no limit. 


Mulityple social media platform 

You can live stream to the most popular platform such as Facebook or Youtube simultaneously. With platform such as Facebook and Youtube you have the potential to tab into thousands of audience from their search engine. You can also stream to a private link with custom URL that is discreet to your organization. 


Live professional graphics

During your live stream, you can have animated graphics, company logo, titles and tickers showing to your audience just like a professional live TV show!  And all the background music of your choice with no copyright issues.


Replay and Download

At the end of your live stream, your audience can go back and watch your event as often as they like. They can even download it at full resolution. 

Let's Work Together

We are now working on Live Virtual Reality (VR) to provide a breath taking immersive experience for your live events. If you are a forward thinking organization looking to provide the absolute best live experience to your audience, talk to us now! 

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