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Why Creating Lots And Lots Of Content For Your Business Is Crucial

content marketing

Everyone talks about how important it is to create content to your social media feeds, or your website's blog. Is this just a trend that most business follow? I mean my competitors are doing it so why wouldn't I right? Well, it really depends. If you are only doing it because everyone is, you won't get very far before you run out of patience and money. Instead, if you are passionate about what you do and have a lot to share with the like minded, then this is definitely a great way to open up and relate to them. And when it is done long enough, you shall reap what you sow.

As we all know by now, content marketing is a very focused and specific strategy to reach the people you want to reach. Not every body out there, but only to a certain group of people you need to target. Other than demographics, you want to look into their interests, age group, gender, tastes and more. Once you have narrowed down the audience, you can start the exciting journey of creating quality content that matters to them. The content can be in text forms such as written articles, photographs or videos that engage your potential audience. And this will only be the beginning.

Although there are many benefits of creating lots and lots of quality content for your business, in this article I will only talk about the three biggest benefit of creating non-stop original and relevant content on your social media to attract viewers.

Value - Whether you are selling a product or service, building value for the product and your company is, and if not one of the most important thing you must do before your customer feel comfortable to consider buying. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to achieve. This is especially true for businesses depending on leads that come from the internet! You can write one or two articles or do one or two videos, but if you don't keep them coming, soon or later you will loose the momentum as well as your audience. Your audience will occupy themselves elsewhere who does if you are not careful with your distribution strategy.

Trust - Let's ask yourself a question. Why do you trust the friend you trust? And not the person you just met a few times? How about that acquaintance you see only twice a year? No brainer right? You have build that relationship with your friend, and that took a lot of time spent and the effort to make it happen. If the value is there, you will naturally want to continue the relationship. Trust is build through quality time. And it is especially true for the business world. Try producing lots and lots of bad content and see the relationship grow the other way in warp speed.

Presence - So now you have been continuously creating high quality content, you have proved to your audience that your product and service provide meaningful value to them, over time you have also build sufficient trust. What next? It makes a lot of sense if you continue to stick around and show your presence until they are ready to buy. Yes, most consumers do their research online before they take the plunge. People are smart and careful with their buying decision due to a large number of low quality product and service available. That can be anywhere from a few days to more than a year depending on the nature of your product and service. What good is it when your hard earned audience is ready but you are not around? Although there are many ways to show your presence, one of them is advertising. When your potential buyer is bombarded with ads showing a similar product, guess who they will most likely go for? Bingo! The one they are most familiar with and the one who has been feeding them.

Like I said, there are many benefits as to why almost all successful businesses create non-stop high quality content, but these three are just the essential reasons. There are no short cuts, if you are serious about building your business, this is no longer an option.

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