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How Creating Content Helps Your Search Engine Rankings

content marketing

Ok, you might say content is part of marketing strategy really so what does it have to do with ranking? While Google being the world's largest search engine and with Youtube right on its tail, many believe the overtake of its giant brother is just a matter of time. Regardless of their positions, the point I am getting at is that our world is hungry for content, in both video and text form.

When businesses are fighting, cutting each other's throat in the hope to gain market shares through advertising, billions have been spent in order to reach people through something we all hate, ads. Yes, ads! They are everywhere! Traditional ads are kind of less irritating since they usually happen in the public places. However, in the digital world is very different, we all enter the digital world through personal devices such as our personal computers, tablets and smartphones. When these ads pops up on your screen, we all know how irritating that is. In fact, more then often they somewhat create a degree of negative effect on the brands over time in my opinion. The "personal space" has been intruded, you are not welcome! It's all about timing.

If your target audience are millennials, this is especially true. The human habit has changed over the decades. The way our brain respond to ads has evolved so much due to the influence of our knowledge, habits, education and social network. No body likes to be sold anymore, people flee away from being pitched. If you think you have sold someone something, deep down inside is often because that person has already choosen your product. We are not a reactive species anymore, when we have the knowledge and education, we naturally want to pick what we think is the best for us. There is no need for someone else to tell us that. The proactive type will always search for informations, product and services online during the time of making decisions and they will come looking for you instead when they are ready. Whether the info they are looking for are in the form of written words or instructional videos. At the end of the day, we all are hungry for more and more high quality content.

If the content on your business website are of high quality, you will often see them to be likeable, they attracts social shares and generate comments. These are all important factors that Google uses as their algorithm for ranking. Google guidelines for SEO made it clear that high quality content has major influence on how they rank. When users use their search engine platform, it is very important Google to provide high quality content as the result of their search, user experience must be maintained. This is vitally important for Google and Youtube to stay successful. It is logical to see their algorithm prioritizes high quality content or videos to the top pages. The more high quality content your site has, the more rank power your site receive. After all, these platform need to keep their users happy by providing satisfactory search experience and at the same time supported by great content provided by you and me.

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