We Are Photographers, Film Makers and Graphic Designers

Mezmer Media is a team of bright minded and creative thinkers who are photographers, videographers and editors in Toronto and  has been helping businesses find their unique value. We map out the specific strategy of each business so you can truly find your audience to connect with, and most importantly to build a long lasting relationship with them. 



Our passion is to build user journey that creates continuous flow of relevant moments for any business. Every business has a story to tell, every audience has a soft spot, it is not what you tell but how you tell it. We help you tailor your own digital content not only touches your audience but to build a lasting relationship.



Based on your goal we study and research your market and create a custom campaign that work within your



It's not what you tell in a story but how you tell it. We want to understand what/where/when/why behind your company and help you portrait a story that uniquely yours.  


We work on all levels of projects from social videos for web, commercials, documentaries, tutorials , corporate and custom videos.


Reaching your target audience is just as important if not more. Our job is not done until your films, commercials, videos are being distributed to your target audience through all available media



“Mezmer Media provided us with an effortless solution for all our marketing needs."

Frances Kwong, LLB / FK Law Chambers

“I think videos help capture the personality and passion of a company in a huge way. It connects people with each other in a most effective way other than in person."

Matt Weisfeld / President VPI Industries

"I was amazed at the results, we had more than 20 dealers and distributors around the globe to sign up in less than a month! I think we would have only been able to achieve the same results in months without the video campaigns."

Richard H.Mak / CEO, AnalogMagik

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